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BuysellJob.com is an open marketplace which is FREE to list for anyone in the World!

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Like most classified advertisement websites this will remain a loss leader for many years, but with growth and reliance on buying and selling unwanted items, finding work and cross border opportunities then even in a crowded consumer market place there is room for one more Loot/Gumtree/Preloved type website.

We have moved away (good or bad) from software based applications for your smartphones and are currently sticking to a website based “submit your ad” platform. With the current negative media attention on social media platforms etc. I think it is important that the roots of online enjoy-ability and useful tools like buyselljob.com are still available in their rawest of form.

Every advert listed on Buyselljob is queued and checked manually to ensure it is legal and more importantly is completed fully, to ensure the best response for our users. If it is illegal we will simply refuse the advert and bar the posters. If it’s incomplete we will endeavor to “fill in the blanks” and make your advert live, as soon as possible.

My background is around 30 years in I.T. and over 10 years in online marketing in high demand and competition sectors like Forex, Real Estate so it may just be your single Item to sell, but as a channel it’s “my baby” and I will promote and market it to the world with the same vigor as my prior projects and successes. All we need is your adverts so please feel free to post them and make sure to tell your friends, colleagues, work mates and other businesses about the platform that firmly has it’s eye on the future!

Thank you for using Buyselljob.com

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